Teacher + Peer Feedback = The Feedback Tool of Your Dreams!

All educators know: Feedback is the most impactful driver of students’ learning progress (Evidence for Learning), but effective feedback “must be timely, relevant, and action-oriented” (Hattie and Timperley).

As three different teachers in Seattle, we struggled to give our students the feedback they needed, when they needed it. We decided to take this problem into our own hands.

Melanie started Floop, a tool that helps teachers give students meaningful feedback, faster.

Elizabeth and Christine started Flash Feedback, a tool that enables rapid, scaffolded peer feedback.

When we met, we realized we were solving the same problem. Plus, as teachers, we wanted to use each others’ solutions. So, we decided join forces and build the feedback tool of your dreams!

Starting in fall 2018, you’ll be able to sign up for Floop and Flash Feedback. The combined tool has the best of both worlds: fast, spot-annotated teacher feedback and scaffolded, anonymous peer feedback.

Want to shape our product AND try it out for free? Sign up for our three-month pilot. Details about each product and your options for signing up are below.

Floop enables personalized, spot-annotated teacher feedback

Floop is a web and mobile platform that enables teachers to provide fast, personalized feedback.

Teachers view student work on Floop, add comments at specific locations, and drag and drop repeated comments. Students instantly view feedback, respond, and revise their work, completing the loop and promoting dialogue. Floop also uncovers insights about student understanding and misconceptions, giving teachers, students, and schools actionable data.

Teachers using Floop report they give feedback in ⅓ of the time compared to their traditional methods. Nolan, a high school STEM teacher, says, “The biggest difference Floop makes is the turnaround in feedback. In past years, people make the same mistakes over and over again. This year, I’ve seen students improve a lot more.”

Flash Feedback enables rapid, scaffolded peer feedback

Flash Feedback offers online tools to provide rapid, formative peer feedback.

Teachers choose one specific criterion with which to analyze a work sample, and then start an anonymous peer review session.  Students are guided through a structured evaluation of peers’ work samples and provide evidence, suggestions, and celebrations.  The outcome is real-time data for the teacher, and revision-focused feedback for each student – all in a single class period.

Flash Feedback has been helping students in grades 4-12 get actionable feedback from their peers.  In a survey of 8th grade students, 93% said, “I liked doing the peer review activity,” 93% said, “I revised my work because of the feedback I got,” and 85% said, “The peer review helped me understand the criteria.”

Together, we’re putting fast, powerful feedback in the hands of every student

Floop and Flash Feedback are joining forces! Using research-based best practices, and working hand-in-hand with our teachers and students, we’re making better feedback a reality. We speed up feedback in the classroom, open conversations focused on growth, empower students and teachers to take action from feedback, and help teachers and students make decisions based on evidence.

Sign up now to use Floop and Flash Feedback in your classroom next year

By signing up for Floop and Flash Feedback, you get access to both tools, helping your students get fast teacher AND peer feedback. If you’re interested in shaping our product while trying it for FREE for 3 months, sign up to participate in our official pilot. Act fast – we have only 15 more spaces available.

Alternately, you can sign up for Floop’s mailing list and get an email in August when it’s time to sign up. Any teacher can try Floop and Flash Feedback for 1 month free.

Want to share the good news with other teachers or your principal? Please share this document or email team@floopedu.com.

We can’t wait to work with you!


The Floop and Flash Teams

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