About Us

Why Floop?

When it comes to that big stack of papers sitting on their desk, educators have two choices: mark for correctness and return the assignment in a few days or provide high-quality feedback and return the assignments in a few weeks. Educators know that feedback is key to student learning, but only effective if it’s timely and high-quality. The current feedback loop for paper-based work is cumbersome, which results in teachers not having enough time to give quality feedback. By the time students receive feedback, it may be too late to be useful.

Our Solution

Floop is a digital platform that facilitates timely, quality feedback on paper assignments. Students take a picture of their work using the app. Teachers access the work on web or mobile, drag and drop comments from a bank of feedback aligned with standards, and add personalized comments. Custom comments are saved for future drag and drop. In addition, teachers can add next steps that include instructional videos or practice problems. Once the teacher hits submit, students receive push notifications on their phones and continue dialogue by acknowledging and responding to the comments. Floop also identifies knowledge gaps by tracking how often standards-based comments are used, giving teachers, students, and schools actionable data.

Who We Are

We each have our own personal connection to education. At our core, we believe that education is fundamental to giving everyone the chance to make a difference in the world. Our team includes three current and former K-12 educators who are passionate about serving students and helping them reach their fullest potential. We are especially invested in issues of equity for traditionally underserved students as well as helping to promote STEM education. For some of our team members, their interest stems from the challenges they faced as students themselves. They remember the negative experience of testing and evaluation all too well. Current metrics such as GPA and standardized tests merely stratify students rather than improve student understanding and performance. In contrast, we believe in projects and feedback that give students the tools to improve themselves. Others on the team had a more positive experience as students, feel fortunate to have received excellent educations, and want to give back to improve education opportunities for others. With knowledge, people are empowered to change the world. We’re passionate about contributing to the global community, and being able to contribute to something that will help others learn, develop, and change for a better future does just that. As technologists, education fascinates us because it is ever changing. There are endless possibilities for how we educate because of the amazing diversity of human beings in this world. As the information available in this world expands at record pace, it is just as important that we evolve how we learn as what we learn.

Contact Us

You can reach us at team@floopedu.com


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